The Tills
The “System” has been designed using the latest technology yet remains so simple to use that the most inexperienced person will soon be serving your customers at speed, keeping the queues down and the throughput up. The full “touch screen” facility allows access to all functions literally at their finger tips.

All of the usual functions are included together with many enhancements.

  • All features and PLUs are picture based; ease of identification of a product and allows personalisation and branding.
  • Full cash reconciliation ability – either at the till or in the back office.
  • Supervisory log on levels.
  • World-wide access to tills and back office via broadband.
  • Integrated CCTV system capable of close monitoring. Able to scrutinise individual items being scanned linked to till transaction in real - time.
  • Age restriction refusal facility.
  • Optional integrated Chip and Pin.
  • Optional integrated Weigh Scales (approved by NWML).
  • Optional advertising screens attached to tills and around the shop.
  • Price enquiry units for customers.
  • Paypoint integrated.
  • MSP own News Round management system (NRM).
  • Credit customer.
  • Item creation.
  • Tobacco dispensing integrated solution.

Reliability is a major consideration with any system that you are trusting with your business; this is why we always use high quality products. Quality is something that we refuse to compromise on.

Since starting trading we have invested time building up an excellent relationship with our suppliers of EPOS hardware. They give us a reliable service so that we can meet often very tight installation schedules; their pricing structure allows us to remain competitive in a very fierce market. Most importantly all parts come with a guaranteed five year warranty.

The following list of equipment is included as standard. We are of course able to source variations to these products, but it could incur additional costs.

  • EPOS Machine (Intel Celeron, 2.4GHz, Windows XP Professional, 40GB hard disk, 256MB RAM, CD ROM, 15.1" Touch Screen).
  • Optical Scanner
  • Laser Receipt Printer
  • 2 Line customer pole display
  • Till Software (Windows based)
  • Cash Drawer (Standard or Flip Top)