Free media screen with Zapper revolution

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Zapper becomes the fastest growing payment solution, paving the way to replace card payments. Card payment growth is now declining, with the market changing to mobile device payments such as Apple Pay and PayPal. Zapper is a fast growing, global data insights and marketing platform, enabled by mobile payments. It’s a simple solution, which can seamlessly and efficiently process secure payments in a variety of different environments. Zapper has already 800,000 users using this platform for bill payment in hospitality and retail.

Whilst Zapper is dominating in South Africa, MSP is proud to be the first ever EPOS Company in the independent grocery sector to partner and provide the first ever integrated store solution payment gateway to retailers. Zapper is already in other sectors in the UK and now it has made it possible for grocery independent retailers to accept payments through mobile devices. Such is the strength of this alliance that the retailers will be provided with free media screens, whilst the retailer will only pay for the media fees monthly.
What will it do to help our retailers?

  • Swift transactions
  • No more merchant services and hefty card charges
  • No more terminals’ charges
  • Simple reporting platform to save time and money
  • In-app rate & review feature to instantly capture shopper’s feedback
  • Automatically reward loyalty to encourage future spends
  • Develop targeted time-of-day promotions to boost sales
  • Pioneering mobile payment technology to attract growing cashless society

How will it work at your store?

  1. The customer will arrive at your store.
  2. The customer will shop for items.
  3. After shopping, the cashier will scan the items through the Till machine.
  4. The customer will pay by scanning the QR code either displayed in the media screen or on the receipt.
  5. Till payment will be concluded.
  6. Customer will leave instant feedback by way of a score.
  7. After leaving the store, the customer will be sent a loyalty voucher for money off their next shop at your store.
  8. Payment will be made to the retailer’s bank account.
  9. Media screen will continue to advertise promotions and Zapper.

Tomorrow’s shoppers are your customers!

For more information, contact the MSP Sales team. Terms and conditions apply.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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