MSP Support

MSP Support

A system is only as good as the support team behind it. As experienced retailers we are fully conversant with the frustrations of inadequate support and poor, unreliable back up.

With this in mind we have structured our support to suit the retailer. A nominal fee (payable annually or monthly) covers full hardware and software; it further includes the license to use the system. Hardware maintenance covers all equipment supplied by us; we will repair or replace any faulty items.

Software maintenance includes the usual help desk – although see below to find out what is special about ours!! It also includes any updates, improvements and enhancements. We operate a “one version” to all clients so therefore there are no additional charges for program updates.
Software also includes promotion maintenance if you are partaking in the supplier promotions. We provide you with the easiest method to implement supplier promotions where it could be completed in few minutes. Promotions are downloaded directly to your system where you will still be able to choose exactly which promotions that you wish to partake in or accept the whole download with one click. Labels are automatically prepared for you to print.

Our support desk is available 365 days a year.

First line support is through the Skype communication system using headphones and a webcam (both supplied by us) so that you, the client, can speak “face to face” with our operator.

They have the facility (with your permission) to dial directly into your computer so it is as close as possible to having an expert sitting in your office with you. The communication line is of no additional cost.

Instances whereby our support team are unable to resolve your query the call will be elevated to Second Line Support. This involves the call being allocated to a key employee in the UK or India who is likely to be a programmer. The same access facilities described above would be available. Third line support is for the rare occasions that the VPN has failed and a personal visit is required. This would be fulfilled by a member of the management team.