The Head Office facility has been designed to allow the retailer to have upper level controls whilst still allowing the managers to operate within the given parameters.

A link with the supplier will ensure that the HO receives the correct group price changes and range. From the supplier range the HO would be then able to segregate items in preference and build its own Plof or default to the supplier Plof. Stores can be categories and clustered together where pricing and other controls can be achieved by Category of stores.

HO will also have the option to adhere to various pricing tiers in line with the store location and demographics thus allowing margin maximisation. HO Plof can then be filtered in line with each store range or Store category. The store will carry out a shop Plof setup and will have the HO range in the back Plof but will only receive changes to the effective shop Plof range. With rights enabled store can be permitted create items, promotions and price changes immediately which then the HO would accept or reject such changes requested.

Head Office Features

  • Master HO Plof separated from the supplier Plof.
  • Store grouping.
  • Pricing tier based on individual store or by group of stores or Store categories.
  • Supplier RRP to be retail as a default or tier set to increase/decrease supplier RRP as store retail.
  • Store retail/cost on tier basis or on HO retail.
  • Item range assignment by store or store category.
  • Item assignment or item ranging.
  • Store day reconciliation review.
  • Internal stock transfer and confirmation.
  • Promotion distribution to all stores or selected stores.
  • Multiple supplier maintenance.
  • Item creating by importing data from Excel.