In an industry that is based on IT one thing that no one can afford to do is to “Stand Still” which is why MSP is so good. MSP is constantly researching the continuous new technology that is being developed and then investigating how it can be used within this industry. We have a team of programmers dedicated to development and we always have a number of current projects going through the designing, writing or testing stages.

Here are a few of the current projects
Accounting system
We are developing a completely seamless integrated accounts system. Many Epos systems have developed a link with Accounts packages that usually involves workarounds that can get very messy and confusing. Also these links do not tend to deal with the purchase accruals adequately.

We are designing a full accounts system that meets all of the legal requirements for VAT and tax. It will also provide the facility to keep the bank account and cash reconciled and full control of your suppliers. Most importantly there is the ability of producing regular detailed management reports using the information that is already in the system.

We are constantly talking about maximising profits and without a full accounts system you cannot know just how well (or bad) you are doing. It is vitally important to identify those areas that do not make the expected margin; until you identify problem areas you cannot put corrective measures in place.

Self checkout
This must be the ultimate solution to reduce labour costs for stores that have three or more tills. The large supermarkets have recognised the potential savings and have moved forward rapidly. We now want to offer this facility to the independent at a reasonable price.

The concept is pretty simple. The kiosk is facing the customer where a scanner integrated with a scale sits besides 2 scales either side with a customer friendly touch screen. The customer’s basket is rested on one scale and a product is taken out, scanned and put back on to a bag which sits on the other scale. The transfer of the item from one scale to the other is verified and checked with the PLOF. Parameters will be set for any discrepancies with capability for the Cashiers to override the warning with a password on the Cashier’s screen which will show the full details of the transaction. A scanner is also fitted behind the till enabling the Cashier to scan any items that are located behind the counter. The Hypers generally have one cashier overlooking 3-4 tills and on some occasions, the Cashiers are filling the shelves around the counter area with no one behind the tills as customers would use this Kiosk with much ease during non busy hours.

An average sixteen hour store would enjoy savings in the region of 30,000 per year per till.