ASP.NET is one of the superior technologies used by developers today. It has numerous benefits and is run on internet, intranet as well as on the web. It is a technology by Microsoft and is popular in the development of big products. It is a web development model that is unified and provides services that are needed to create enterprise-class web applications. All this is done, with the least of coding.

ASP.NET is a .NET framework and while coding its applications, one gets access to the various classes in the .NET framework. Applications can be coded in any language that is well-matched with the common language runtime (CLR), which includes Microsoft Visual Basic and C# languages. These are helpful for the developed application’s safety, inheritance and more. ASP.NET mainly has three forms; known as web forms, MVC and web pages. Development in all these three, using this technology is outstanding.

Use; ASP.NET to create your company’s web page design, make its page design feature, edit codes, test, debug and deploy various things that are needed!