Web API (Application Program Interface) is one such technology that is highly recommended by the tech lovers themselves. It is the most suitable platform for building HHTP services that cater to a large number of people, that includes browsers and mobile devices. It is a perfect platform for building restful applications on the .NET framework. Web API is one of the finest platforms as it supports a wide range of media types like XML, JSON or any such media type formatter that the user wants to add.

Developers use the basic protocol and formats such as HTTP, WebSockets, SSL, JSON and XML. It enables real-time, bi-directional communication that is between the client and server with web sockets using SingalR. As it works with the HHTP verbs, it supports convention-based CRUD actions. It has a uniform way to query and manipulate datasets and also supports the OData protocol. Web API can be self-hosted or on IIS. If, you are looking for a simple and robust; MVC features supporting technology, then Web API is the right technology!