PHP stands for ‘hypertext preprocessor’ (a recursive acronym). It is an HTML-embedded web scripting language, which means that the PHP codes can be inserted into the HTML web page. The PHP pages are accessed; its codes are read and its output from the PHP functions are returned as HTML codes, which are further read by the browser. The PHP pages are some of the most secure pages for the access to databases and other information as its codes are transformed into HTML.

Even though PHP has unique features and specific functions, a lot of its syntax is taken from other languages like C, Java and Perl. Due to this, web developers can write dynamically and generate pages faster and easily. A lot of database driven websites are created with the use of PHP. One of the most common platforms to build a simple and dynamic website quickly and smoothly is PHP. PHP has become one of the most-used platforms and almost 80% of websites use it, including many Fortune 500 companies as well as top tech startups.

Create a website on the PHP platform and see how easily and quickly, the development is done!