WordPress is one of the fastest, most light-weight and the easiest content management systems. Even a non-programmer can learn the usage of this platform as its structure is simple as compared to the other content management systems. The installation process is simple and it is used mainly for blogging websites, but nowadays it is also used for e-commerce, portfolio, photography, business, music and more.

Its basic structure includes of just four basic steps to follow that relate to different people who are working on a WordPress website. The first one is known as the Wp-admin, which is the core folder, consisting of many files that are operated from the admin-side. No changes are to be made in this particular folder. The second one is known as Wp-includes, which is also a core folder within which no changes are to be made. The third one is Wp-content, which is used to make changes in functionalities.

This folder is divided into more other sub-folders like plug-ins, themes, uploads, etc. where codes are put based on the usability. The last one just consists of some files that are used for database settings and for other changes. Give a shot at the WordPress platform for the development of your upcoming website!