MSP Systems Ltd has designed the ideal technological friend for the Convenience Store Owner with all the tried and trusted features of a conventional Epos System but enhanced to take it to a higher plateau.

The MSP System has been designed in the most advanced, up-to-date computer technology using Microsoft products and languages. Yet it has retained a completely user friendly approach.

The refreshing difference with this system is that it has focussed on the Retailer’s needs and requirements not followed a programmer’s or accountant’s wish list. Although with having an accountant involved every step of the way we have ensured that all the accounting and statutory obligations have been fully satisfied. The simplicity of navigating the screens would not stretch even the most computer illiterate person. Ease of use by the Retailer and his staff has remained a focal issue throughout the System’s development.

The back office system has the same qualities as the tills. It has the capacity to hold products with images of all items (downloaded from either the internet or your own digital camera). MSP fully supports automated sales based ordering, electronic delivery notes. MSP is integrated with all major symbol groups with a live shop PLOF in the foreground and a full Branded PLOF in the background with easy access. Multi supplier Plof, Ordering and Deliveries can be set in the system.

MSP uses the latest software such as .Net, SQL servers, Crystal Reports (enabling export of reports to multi programmes) and live VPN interacting between tills, back office and hand held.

One of the realities of the current market is that a Retailer has to offer his customer promotions. The MSP promotion software is completely flexible allowing any permutation of offers from simple discount to multi-buys and linked promotions. Any individual item can partake in any number of promotions. The Till will recognise each promotion and prompt the cashier to up sell, the customer will be offered the best deal. The till will voice prompt to the customer indicating that the promotion was applied.

If you subscribe to a Symbol Group that MSP has ties with, then MSP will maintain the promotion files at their head office and download them directly to your back office. This will save you the administrative nightmare every three weeks - a saving of many hours of work.

Features of the MSP Systems BOS

  • Multi tasking windows facility.
  • All major supplier communications.
  • PLOF management (front and back).
  • Multi supplier Plof downloads.
  • News PLOF.
  • Auto ordering
  • Electronic ordering and deliveries.
  • Electronic Delivery Note verification.
  • Random, part or full departmental and categorise stock management
    NRM (News Round Management)
  • Multiple promotions on single item.
  • All major supplier period promotion downloads.
  • Remote access.
  • Report explorer – using Crystal Reports.
  • Auto email of selected reports.
  • Till design.
  • Import items from Excel.
  • Items with images.
  • Margin controlled item retail.
  • On screen routine item maintenance.
  • Age restriction reports
  • Tobacco item assignment to Tobacco dispenser.
  • Day reconciliation and cash control.