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Romesh Perera

Romesh has been in Retail since migrating to UK in 1989, working through the ranks and learning the trade from the basics. He started working part time night as a Cashier at a Texaco Petrol Station whilst studying in UK. He soon proved that he was an entrepreneur as he enjoyed various retail successes. He became self employed by venturing into retail operator scheme with ESSO at a Petrol station in Wanstead, east London and simultaneously acquired his own convenience store that was operated under the “Costcutter” branding. A second store soon followed that became the first “Budgens” independent and soon after he acquired the first independent franchise store for “Somerfield”.

His hard work, enthusiastic flair and determination soon earned him a reputation in the Convenience Retail arena.

Regularly recognised within the industry, Romesh can list several awards in his portfolio including :

Asian Trader of the Year 2004
Appointed as a member of judging panel for Retail Industry Awards, 2003
Asian Trader of the Year 2002
Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2002, Retail Industry Awards
Asian Trader Award for the Best Impulse Trader of the Year 2001
Best Shop of the Year 2001, awarded by Costcutter

Romesh has also achieved a Masters degree in IT which has given him the background to develop MSP Systems Ltd.

“I had been in the UK convenience sector since 1989 using various EPOS systems. I was unable to find one system to satisfy all of my requirements to operate my stores efficiently and effectively. Coming from a computer background I could recognise and evaluate the good and the bad of each system. I was in an ideal position to be able to develop a system that worked for the Retailer, rather than the Retailer work for it. My dream has been realised and it is MSP Systems.”

Romesh is the original designer and instigator of MSP Systems. With the experience outlined above, coupled with his entrepreneurial talents, he is the ideal person to recognise the challenges faced by retailers every day, and capable in providing resolutions. Romesh is constantly searching for innovative ideas and is always striving towards new technology and further developments in the system. He is admired by clients for his ability to relate to retail and change when necessary. He is the master of motivation and naturally gifted with man management. He craves for challenges.

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