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MSP Systems Ltd was founded in 2005. It is part of the MSP Group that was founded by Romesh Perera, and has been trading in the UK Retail sector since 1997. The Group has won several highly prestigious retail awards throughout the years.

Romesh been a very successful retailer with several retail outlets and many years of experience behind him recognised the need for a Retail system that put the retailer first. The systems that were being used gave the impression that they were written by programmers and the Retailer (the user) had to always work around the system to achieve the results he/she wanted.

A system was needed to be designed by a retailer so that the requirements were met sufficiently. It needed to be simple to use. It needed to save not waste time. It needed to produce relevant information. It needed to be able to place orders with the minimum fuss. It needed to indentify and allow price changes to be done simply. It needed to allow the Retailer to manage his business. Romesh with this retail experience coupled with computer knowledge provided the platform to design an EPOS and Stock Control System with the Retailer as the main consideration.





Romesh Perera – Managing Director Romesh has been in Retail since migrating to UK in 1989, working through the ranks and learning the trade from the basics. He started working part time as a night Cashier at a Texaco Petrol Station whilst studying in UK. He soon proved that he was an entrepreneur as he enjoyed various retail successes. He soon became self employed by venturing into retail operator scheme with ESSO at a Petrol station in Wanstead, east London and simultaneously acquired his own convenience store that was operated under the “Costcutter” branding.


Amit Dhami – Development Director(India) Amit was born and bred in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India where the MSP office is based. In June 2001 Amit graduated from Gujarat University with a B.E. (Chemical) with distinction and then carried on with a post graduation course and achieved a MCA with distinction in July 2004. From university he joined a leading company in India where he quickly rose to the position of Project Leader developing a POS system for a leading company in India.


Sydney Pietersz – Systems & Service Director Sydney showed interest in computer hardware assembly during his secondary education when he started assembling computers to his family and friends. He completed ACP Certification and obtained several Diplomas’ in Computer System Designing, Data Communication & Computer Networking at Arthur C Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies in Sri Lanka. He then completed Microsoft certification in NT Core Technologies and NT Administration.


Greg Dockery – Sales Director Greg Dockery has extensive knowledge of working with retailers in recent roles. Before joining MSP he was the sales Manager for United Wholesale Cash & Carry (Scotland). He brought structure to this position whilst overseeing business deliverables keeping the customer as the most valuable person every step of the way.




“ We were concerned whether MSP would meet our demands having multiple stores each with 15 tills. It would remain as one of the best decisions made by us ”

Sedani Brothers- Quality foods, London
(Quality Food)

“ I was the first Beta store for MSP back in 2007. I still remain as the first client of MSP. That speaks volume of a Company that has served an extremely busy and demanding store. They have never stopped surprising retailers with innovations ”

Vijay Patel- Euston, London (Nisa)

“ The aftercare service is something that strikes out from the rest of EPOS companies and I had several. At hand all times and resolving issues are at its best ”

Ron Letcher- Cornwall (Nisa)

“ The simple touch screens makes the system easy for everyone to use and MSP pos team helped us enormously with the implementation of the system ”

Sunny Sanghera- Birmingham

“ Been with MSP from the start, 10 years ago says it all ”

Roy Shah- Edmonton, London

“ Since installing MSP pos our business has benefitted greatly ”

Jamie Keshwara- Peterborough (Nisa)

“ It is evident that the system is created by company that has had extensive retail knowledge. Completely brilliant ”

Dollar Patel- Essex (Nisa)

“ We have been customers of MSP for over many years and always found their service to be of the best quality, not only from support department but also with training we have received”

Jayesh Patel- Brighton (Nisa)

“ Great system on many levels. Tills screens clear, cashing up easy to do, safe drop alerts, added comfort of verbal age restriction warning heard by both cashier and customer, easily accessible log of refusals with pictures! ”

Rachel Jones- Shire Oak, Worksop



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